Heligoland – Can you reach this island by swimming?

This is Heligoland

Heligoland is the only German high seas island, 49.5 km North Sea air line from the mainland. My plan: I swim the distance from St. Peter-Ording to Heligoland. Without any aids, just swimming trunks and goggles. This section of the North Sea is known for the strongest currents. My experienced team will accompany me in Börteboot every swim of the way.


August 21, 2021 - From St. Peter-Ording to Heligoland

The book

Heligoland - can you swim there?

Experience this exciting journey together with me. Meet seals, beach guards and captains and learn about the challenges we had to overcome along the way. My personal homage to a magical place with very special people ... (Only available in german)


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After 18:14 hours it is done:
Beate is waiting for me on the beach

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