I love the ocean and consider myself to be one with it. I have followed my true passion for swimming in the ocean, and over the years, I have perfected my methods and skills to become an experienced open water swimmer.

Swimming in the most remote of places, far out in the middle of the ocean exposed to freezing cold water, where you cannot see any land and the waves are several feet high — THAT is my passion.

I love being a guest in a place where the laws of the ocean have remained unchanged for millions of years. I want to share this experience with you, in a way that makes you feel as if you were swimming right next to me.

Please join me on this fascinating journey!


The Ocean's Seven Mission

The Ocean's Seven rules date back to the 19th century: Only swimming trunks, caps and goggles are allowed.


ENGLISH CHANNEL34 KM2014England and FranceNORTH CHANNEL34 KM2016Northern Ireland and ScotlandKAIWI CHANNEL44 KM2015HawaiiCATALINA CHANNEL34 KM2017USACOOK STRAIT34 KM2019New ZealandTSUGARU STRAIT20 KM2018JapanSTRAIT OF GIBRALTAR14 KM2019Spain and Morocco

Six long years of hard training, extensive planning and many trips to the seven most famous straits in the world: I am even grateful to be the first German to have mastered this challenge.


Ocean ambassador

Encountering animals such as venomous jellyfish or large sharks, and swimming against strong tides for several hours may hinder my efforts during my open water swims. But these are natural things to expect when swimming in the ocean. Getting caught in sheets of plastic in the middle of the night, or swimming into a floating pallet are not. Those things do not belong in the ocean. Our oceans are not just a nice backdrop for a walk along the beach, but a living ecosystem that our survival here on earth depends upon.

We have alienated ourselves from the ocean and the damage we are doing to it with our waste. It is my goal to raise awareness of this issue, in the hope that we as humans will start to take responsibility for our actions. Since the ocean cannot speak for itself, I will be its voice.



Actively getting out of your comfort zone, adjusting your mindset, and letting go of things you cannot control – those are only some of the building blocks for the type of success and balance that will enable you to achieve once seemingly unattainable goals.

Available for employee meetings, customer conferences or as a key note speaker — both live and online — Andre will help your participants gain focus on what is possible.


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