Press release: André Wiersig swims for sustainability in the Seychelles

Swimmer André Wiersig, who in August became the first person to swim from the mainland to Heligoland, is dedicating his next adventure to sustainable tourism in the Seychelles. To this end, the 49-year-old will once again tackle a distance of more than 50 kilometers in the Indian Ocean: He plans to swim from the main island of Mahé to the island of La Digue in April 2022. "We have to preserve and protect what we love," Wiersig said at a press conference on Mahé. "This is my next contribution to a larger ecological movement, and through swimming I want to inspire others to protect our ocean."


The "Open Ocean Project" was initiated by the Seychelles Tourism Authority, the company Tourbookers and the German Marine Foundation. "The project focuses on the conservation efforts of our country," said Sherin Francis the Permanent Secretary for Tourism in Seychelles. With the event, she said Wiersig will showcase the beautiful sites and pristine environment of the archipelago while promoting its strong commitment to sustainability and its rich cultural heritage. The Seychelles government supports the project.

Wiersig acts as an honorary ambassador for the German Ocean Foundation, whose co-founder Frank Otto was also present in Mahé. In June 2019, the Paderborn native became the first German-speaking swimmer to complete the seven channels of the Ocean's Seven, considered the greatest challenge of open-water swimming. His Heligoland swim had also attracted a lot of international attention. "We depend on the sea and have to take the time to learn about the sea, because it's not just a beautiful setting," he says, explaining his next spectacular adventure.